Costs for inactive trades

If you set a stop/limit trade that doesn’t activate does it cost anything? i.e. commissions, fees etc. Or does the broker only apply these when the trade goes live?

Hi, if your trade doesn’t activate, you didn’t pay anything, but if your account is inactive some brokers take a fee for an inactive account. Regards Greg

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Since the trade is not executed, so the broker will not charge anything. Commission is charged by the broker on their client’s trades. So no trade completed, nothing is charged.

Yup! Only when it gets triggered. :slight_smile:

Nope. No charges on a trade that hasn’t been executed.

If the trade is not executed, your broker won’t charge anything.

If the trade is not executed, your broker won’t charge anything.

Not at all, since the trade was not completed, they should not charge you anything for it.

Hi Joey, until the trade is inactive, you need not pay the broker any fees or commission. Then again, it depends on the broker. There are few who do seek fees even for an inactive account. Always select a broker after a thorough analysis.

Obviously, not. If your trade doesn’t get activated, you don’t have to pay anything. But you will have to check whether your broker charges inactivity fees or not. There are so many brokers in the market that charge traders for staying inactive for a long time.

If your trade doesn’t activate, you don’t pay anything. But there are some brokers that may charge you for the inactivity of your account. For that matter, you better check your broker’s offerings beforehand. Risking money comes next.