Could yoga harmolize your freaky mind?

What is ur end thougth that u have before u pushed the button?


i’m confused you have two different questions? yoga can help harmonize you. merely listening to music you like can help calm your mind as well. there are a lot of things you can do other than yoga.

I find meditation helpful not just for trading but general life. It’s important to have a level head and emotional state when trading so you can be objective and not make rash decisions.

I practice Kung fu forms (slowly) as my meditation. Sometimes it helps to just concentrate on breathing for a few minutes and take a break from the constant stream of thoughts.

This has helped my trading a lot

Yoga exercises help us to Relax and become more spiritual which will bring us more Patience to the trade and calm.Have you ever thought to practice Yoga to become a better Trader? If there is a “negative” trading period, I guess, it can be helpful in calming and soothing your nervous system.

what do you mean by Kung Fu forms?
i believe any martial arts or hobby would help, as the thread starter calls it, ‘harmonize a freaky mind’.

You could harmonize your mind by using yoga, and at the same time, you could also harmonize your mind by:

  1. Walking the dog
  2. Eating ice cream
  3. Watching Victoria Secret annual show
  4. Karaoke while bathing
  5. Whatever that works for you as an individual as long you feel fresh, ready, happy & clear headed to make decisions with a stable state of mind as a foundation for your success

Hello Ericlee,

Although I agree with the general principle of numbers 1-5 being workable, yoga will have a slightly more potent affect for the following reasons;

  1. it works on your CNS (central nervous system) to reduce your breathing rate
  2. helps put you into a more natural alpha state
  3. works on your glandular system to regulate it better
  4. works on your enteric nervous system to also help relax it
  5. helps stimulate digestion and your organs, to give them a massage, along with strengthening them
  6. helps build overall mind-body awareness

So in relation to the 5 you listed above, none of them really do all 6 that I listed above, nor have been a 4,000 year old tradition to help build physical and mental well being, or are accepted by insurance companies to treat you for various physical activities, or being used by the military to train them to have better physical concentration and experience less stress

So between all of them, i’d think Yoga would be more powerful imo.

Just my thoughts as I’ve been practicing it everyday of my life for the last 13+ years.

Kind Regards,
Chris Capre

Chris . My pleasure .


Yoga is actually kinda boring for me -I;ve only done a few movements but it does get awful repetitive.

It’s pretty amusing to think that yoga could help someone trade better. If doesn’t help you trade better, you’re just imagining it

Im Li. Im interested in this thread and have done some research on this matter. I am refering to the Fibonacci. I ve traced that Fibo(in short) are the calculation of waves as much as our MT4 graphs are also waves. Interestingly Fib was originated in the Sanskrit numerology and it dictates the circle of nature, the circle of our being and our existence. Those who are used to meditations and yoga will understands me more. My opinion that human thoughts and nature circles and our beings are all a circle of waves. From these I,ve formulate my own formula according to Fib giving values to trading portfolios, dates of trading, open/close of prices, short or long options. I ve started 6 real tradings which neither one loss until now. But as the rule of nature and existence are no greed, respect, believe, feels and intiution which comes automaticaly while trading which saves me from loss as result of Fundamental news. I am so amazed at my system because sometimes i traded against the odds but its alway on my favour. i ve wanted to post it in the monthly trading competition but am stil formulating stop loss point and also testing it for me only… if anyone interested and can help me backtesting, and help me in finding solutions, I will continue this thread. For your information 50% retracement does not belong to Fib but Wall Streets retracements. Real retracement for Fib is 61.8%.

Jump as high as you can in place 10 times, then trade… It jumps starts the neurological system in your brain…

Just thought Id share that info…

but it puts you in a relaxed mood, psychology and physical well-being is related. I don’t personally do yoga myself but I think being in a relaxed state of mind might help a person think clearly when trading.

Most amateur forex traders are simply unable to contort and transition their body parts into the various positions required in this thing you call yoga because they are too fat.


For sure yoga will bring good health and also helps in relaxing your stressed mind but if you are relating with the trading may be difficult to answer.

Yoga is best excercise that make us relax . We need calm mind for trading . Yoga can helpus to gain this state f mind.It also anables us to concentrate well on analysis and trading , our scatrered mind can join on one point , We will do realistic trading .

I agree, since yoga calms our mind through meditation. By doing this, you can a have a different view on things and make you ease your way through your trading.