Counter to Count The Candle Itself

can anyone make a strategy to counter the candle itself ONLY.

Example :- If I use the TimeFrame 5 Minutes ( Thats mean 300 Seconds )

Now I want strategy to make counter to the candle of 5 Minutes, from start until end of the 300 Seconds, Regardless of the stander normal candle watch

and again start counter for the new candle 300 Seconds.
and this strategy Possible for all TimeFrames:confused:

because some time you find the candle watch MetaTrader are STOP or HANG up, and Suddenly the new price with new candle are come.

of course this is only second, but i make New strategy depend on the second.

So please Can any one help me on that. :smiley:

ok so I’m not totally sure what your talking about but if your having problems you should probably try a higher time frame. 5 minutes is far too short a time frame. Try 4 hours and apply your strategy.

my dear, this problem is with all TimeFrame, i need only counter NOT watch

I think you are asking for an indicator that will count down the time left in each candle. The mad scalper thread includes something like that in one of it’s indicators.

I’ll also post a time counter for you here. I’ve got the script to make it work on-hand. See attachment. (731 Bytes)

Thanks, TalonD but this NOT Useful to me, yes what are see that count down the time left in each candle, but with Continuous :smiley:

Thanks, soul786, but this one is HANG also not Continuous :smiley:
i know that one.

Thanks for the share mate.

Best Regards,
Matt Jones .

Welcome my friend :smiley: