Craziest promotion yet - trade without depositing

Forex marketing techniques become more and more competitive and with the lack of new and effective marketing channels Forex brokers are required to become more creative.

Some brokers like FX Pulp take it to the extreme while others, like the newly established Swiss Dealing, think that all traders are idiots - its new and wildly original promotion is to offer a no-deposit dealing� Don�t they call it Demo Accounts in other places?

Anyways, here is the promotion and I would personally recommend traders to avoid brokers who don�t even list their phone numbers on the contact us page.

Forex Magnates

I had a spirited “discussion” with a representative from Swiss Dealing the other day here on Babypips. I suggest anyone thinking of dealing with them read it first. I listed all the signs I saw that point to it being a scam.

Swiss Dealing