Create ea for good strategy

hello friends ı have a good strategy and ı want to ea for this who can help me pls pm me

Common mistakes are those that we make very often. Over trading, revenge trade, fear of missing opportunity and not following any money management policy are the most common mistakes.

Can you show any proof that the strategy actually works?

Here’s a strategy that I’ve been playing with recently. Enter a trade on a lower time frame. In case the market moves in your favor, increase your target profit, or put stop loss on a higher time-frame.

From what you’re saying, I believe to be successful in this strategy, one needs to have a better understanding about multiple timeframes, or it won’t work.

According to me, before you decide on the strategy, it’s better to know the time frame that suits your trading style. If you’re planning to become a scalper, focus on smaller time frames like 1-15 min charts. If a swing trader, a 4-hrs chart will generate profitable trading opportunities.