Creating a EA with no coding

Hey Everyone

Does anyone know of any good websites etc that will allow you to create a Forex EA without coding experiance?

I’ve used Coinrule before to create Crypto EA’s but find the software a bit poop as it sometimes misses signals to buy and sell which can result in either lossing money or not making money!

Also, does anyone know where a good palce is to learn how to code an EA?

Hi Pauley1,
The only option is to learn the programing language MQL5. This way you can trust that your trading system has been coded correctly and operates as designed and tested.
Start very simply like “the price closes above (period)mav, execute long trade on”. Then add more sophistication as you develop your coding and testing skills.

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Thanks for the insight Jckbt

Do you know where and how I can learn this language?

MT5 has an EA generator built in, although it doesn’t seem to work at all. Maybe if you searched that, it’ll tell you how to use it properly.

Google for the indicators you want to use for MQL5 and follow online tutorials. There’s a German guy who explains them fairly well. It’s basically C++ with custom functions. If you’re not familiar with programming in general, it will be a steep learning curve, but if you have a background then it’s pretty easy to pick up.

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Thanks for the info.

I did some programming back in college, but that was 25 years ago and long forgotten! These days I only know some Excel and DAX.

The only alternative is to learn MQL5, a programming language. You can find its courses on Skillshare website.

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Today I’ve built my first very very simple EA. Now I’m going to test it on one of my demo accounts and see what happens.

How did you built it? I would like to know more about it if it’s possible.

The EA is growing as I’m still building it and tweaking it and incorporating lots of risk factors etc. I think I may do a you tube video on how to build one. If I do I’ll post a link here.

To make the video and provide the link to it would be fantastic. I really want to know how you made it.

I will defo do this. I quite enjoy making videos for you tube but haven’t made on for well over a year. This would also be my first ever trading video so will be fun to do.

you have succes on building that ?

oh, no. I don’t want to learn it. I just once saw that there are courses about it on Skill share.