Creating own EAs without programming

I thought it would be good to have a tool with which you would be able to transform your own trading strategies into EAs without any programming. So some time ago I with a few other traders decided to start creating a web application with which everyone would be able to create complex Expert Advisors with risk and money management without programming. We are close to finishing it, so I would like everyone here to suggest ideas on functionality which could be added now or later and this website would be even more valuable to any trader.

Do you believe in people selling systems? Why to sell a profitable system when it by itself makes you money? I think traders should automate their own strategies. That is the only way to know the drawbacks of the system and improve it when noticed.

Programming EAs can be very complicated when trying to create really dynamic system (forex market is very dynamic - systems with same set of rules eventually fail).

That is why we are creating tool to make forex EA creation process easier and faster. We will not only use it ourselves, but it will also be available to everyone. This website will be finished and launched soon. EAs will be created straight on website by selecting options from fields, lists and so on. We are trying to simplify EA creation process without loosing flexiblity and functionality.

Here is some functionality we decided to add to this tool. Every EA created on upcoming eacreator website can have the following features:

�money management: ability to set maximum percent of equity you can loose on one order. Position size will be calculated according to account balance and stop loss. Very important when dynamic stop loss is used.
�risk management: slippage, maximum spread check
�various trailing stops: simple trailing stop, trail by candle, break even
�trading only at chosen time window
�automatically stop/start EA when certain conditions happen
�flexibility: different combinations of signals used at different market conditions
�dynamic TP and SL set on position opening time, depending on market volatility or other rules
�trace levels: ability to choose how much information you want to get when EA trading.
�information messages by skype or email
�signal types: candle patterns, standard and custom indicators, breakouts.

We are committed to improve this website even when it will be already launched, so any discussions in this thread can help to develop better tool for all forex traders.

We are going to launch first version of this website after approximately one month.

i am looking forward into it…;););):wink:

Will they be free or are you marketing this for a price?

The reason I ask is if you are going to sell them, will keep my ideas to myself so you don’t freely profit from my ideas.

If these EAs will be free and include source code, I will happily submit my ideas that might have merit and help individual traders.

I’m not knocking free enterprise, I just want to know the score before I provide free inputs.

We will not reveal any strategies or eas to third parties and we will not provide any signals from our client strategies. Users will use secure ssl encrypted connection to our website. There will be two types of service: with or without source codes, to satisfy different needs.

You answered a question I didn’t ask but let me ask again … is this free?

Sounds great. What are we looking at for interface? Is it going to be like the , or is will it feel a little more… robust?

You know the answer to that question.

Babypips supposedly prohibits advertising. I was giving away a free EA on my website and had the link removed for advertising. Strange how something with a freebie can be removed for advertising, yet others are allowed to get away with breaking the rules for something that is clearly for sale. Selective enforcement of the rules is not conducive to making members want to contribute freely in the future.