Creativity, l have been noticing a bit of being dynamic in the forex market

Is it good to be creative in the forex market

When you know what you’re doing, yes. Probably take you five years or so, though…

Definitely. Standard systems are limited, superior profitability requires lateral thinking.

Forex trading gives a lot of opportunity to anyone and everyone in the market. You just need to learn about making the most of the market situation.

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Correct,forex is all about an individual and his creativity,his strategies, his management and his skill. ALL ABOUT CREATIVITY.

I think too much creativity doesn’t go in pair with discipline in my case, Yes forex market offers unlimited possibilities to express ourselves as result it could be profit or loss, as per M.Douglas.
Creativity helps to think out of the box, I was always struggling to follow someone’s trading strategies, on the other side in my opinion creativity is essential to develop my own edge.

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Well said. The creativity lies in testing and figuring out what works with you and what doesn’t.

Agreed, one can definitely earn profits in Forex only with right knowledge and

Since I started trading about one year ago I noticed I can be creative in technical analysis which makes me to overanalyze and over complicate at some point. I must stick to simple indicators like Ichimoku and SMA, with psyhological part of creativity that’s different story

Creative but not adventurous. Creativity I think only has advantages, if one can think of ways to shun the risk without being too outwardly bold about taking huge risks, why not!?

Innovative trading strategies are produced by creativity, which is crucial in the fast-paced forex market along with discipline and consistency.

I think trading requires you to be analytic and creative at the same time. You should be able to adapt to the changing market situations and improvise your trading plan as and when required. But our trading decisions should be backed by logic and we should not be riding on emotions while trading. Creativity is how we devise a strategy that suits our personality and trading style which is profitable at the same time.

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totally agree with you mate.

Creativity in terms of creating a new strategy helps a lot in trading.

Be creative with your strategies but in all that don’t forget to balance your creativity with consistency.

Creative trading strategies are the foundation of successful trading.

In the forex market, creativity can be both good and bad, depending on how it is applied. On one hand, creativity can help traders identify new trading opportunities, develop unique strategies, and come up with innovative solutions to challenges in the market. This can give them an edge over the market (or increase it) and potentially lead to greater profits.

On the other hand, creativity can also lead traders to take on unnecessary risks or engage in questionable trading practices that can result in significant losses. For example, a trader might get creative with their risk management and expose themselves to more risk than they can handle.

Therefore, while creativity can be a valuable asset in the forex market, it should be balanced with discipline, risk management, and a thorough understanding of the market and its dynamics. Traders should also be open to learning from others and willing to adapt their strategies as the market evolves.

I think it more about experience really ,the more experience means you generally trade differently to someone inexperienced.