Croatia - Covid-19 rules

Anyone here in Croatia or been to Croatia recently or going to Croatia soon?

I’m travelling to Split in September from the UK with friends for a short holiday. Does anyone know from personal experience if there are important rules in place against the spread of the coronavirus?

Do we have to wear masks?
Do we have to stay 2 metres apart from others?
Are most bars and restaurants open?
Are most tourist attractions open?
Is public transport working?

Many thanks all.

(Yes, the situation might change before our travel date, but I’m hoping to keep in touch with the situation in the country as we get nearer to that time.)

Looks like masks are now mandatory for staff but not patrons (!) over there and restaurants are open. I read from a tweet the other day of a UK dude also who traveled to Croatia recently and he was saying how people there are def not scared of COVID. They have so few cases, I can see why they’re not worried.

Oh how jealous I am of you! Please keep us posted as to how your travel/holiday works out over there. Personally I’d be more worried about the plane ride going there vs. getting to the actual destination. :cold_sweat:

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Yes, the air flight to Split will be the first time any of us will have been in a group in an enclosed space since the middle of March. But current regulations say we will be distanced when seated and have to wear masks: I have to think that’s safe enough for a couple of hours or the planes would still be grounded.

Right now I find it easy to believe our flight will be cancelled due to lack of passengers.

Do people wear them during the whole flights?

Yes, that’s what I’ve heard. Lots of empty seating to maintain social distancing. Food and drink still available but limited choices (you may take the mask off to eat/drink). Some flights now have complimentary refreshments.

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I was wondering about food and drink specifically, especially on long flights.

Aren’t they required to run a certain number of flights or they lose their spot in an airport? I wonder if that still applies.

Just thinking about it I already feel sick :joy: I usually get sick from traveling EVEN without Covid. For some reason every time I fly there’s always that ONE guy always coughing a few seats from me.

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Yes I think what you say about slots is right. Though who else would want a slot at this time? The obvious problem is too many planes and not enough passengers to fill them.

Then again, it could be this all balances out as the airlines can only fly the plane half-full anyway to ensure social distancing in the cabin.

But we’re only going for 3 nights so any changes to departure and return flight times could have a big impact on our plans. I’m just hoping we can get there.

You’re giving me anxiety just thinking about it. :joy:

As evidenced by 2020, so many things can change in just a couple days. Good luck! I hope everything works out!

That’s honestly the worst part about traveling haha. But of course, also a privilege!

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I’ve been watching some clips by an American guy travelling in Croatia in the last week or so - only some people are wearing masks in the street etc. All shops, restaurants, hotels and bars seem to be open. There are plenty of tourists about, but maybe less than usual.

He’s certainly having a fine time exploring what looks like a lovely country, though he’s avoiding crowds. I’m looking forward to going there too.