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I have heard all my life that smoking weed is bad for you. Sure there are some who will say differently but from your own observation what do you conclude? I live down here in Jamaica and when you listen to the guys, especially the rastas, who indulge in the practice you just have to shake your head in wonderment. Yes weed does have some benefits but when I do the cost benefit analysis I think I will pass. I have absolutely no pity for anyone who it messes up. Period.
For me personally this crypto business falls into the same category. I am currently watching a video about FTX on Youtube and again I have to shake my head in wonderment. Similar to the weed thing I have done my own cost benefit analysis and I think I will pass. After hearing all these years about the bad experiences of people with this thing why in heavens name would I even think of getting involved?
And just as they do with ganja I expect people to come to the defense of crypto.
Anyway good luck to those who decide to take the plunge…
you will need it.

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Interesting take! :open_mouth: Getting into crypto, especially with its current state, is definitely a gamble. :open_mouth: But with this position, I’m curious to know your thoughts about crypto being the currency of the future. :thinking:

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The valedictorian of my high school many many many years ago was an avid pot smoker. Our circles of friends overlapped, and while I didn’t partake, I was exposed to many of the smartest people in my year - all pot smokers and all highly capable and extremely smart. Most went off to top colleges and universities.

Also, in my older years, and having many friends and family in the healthcare industry (doctors, nurses, PAs, pharmacists, etc.), again, I’ve come to learn that many are avid pot smokers, even into their 40s and 50s.

Granted, this is a small sample of people, but I’ve come across so many more people in my life time that are highly functioning, successful, and intelligent members of the community that smoke weed.

I’ve also had the pleasure of witnessing what effects pharmaceutical grade marijuana has on cancer patients and others in chronic pain. It’s been a game changer for them.

My point is… to each their own.

I hear you, but you cant generalize like that. That unconditional statement leaves me to believe that this is also your position on murder and child abuse…each to their own.
It is similar to people telling me women and men are equal but still want them to use separate bathrooms and have different weightlifting competitions.

Is that not a generalization? I am speaking to this specific topic, trading crypto/smoking pot.