Crypto DEMO Account for MT5?

I’m still on a demo account (MetaTrader 5’s own demo account), but MT5 does not have crypto in demo. So basically I cannot continue practicing on weekends which is almost 29% of the time.

Is there a solution or a broker that I can add so I can get access to crypto trading in a demo account? Preferably an account that does not need registration on the main website, just a username password to add to MT5. Or is this not even possible? Thank you.

It’s unlikely that you’ll find a broker that offers access to cryptocurrency trading within MT5 through a demo account without registration on their main website.

Thank you, so registration is needed. I hope I can find a NO KYC broker.

What’s wrong with KYC?

I found cryptorocket and I created a demo account, no problem. It also allows me to use their MetaTrader 5 in browser and I was able to open a BTC chart, so it worked.

But the problem is, it’s in the browser, I copied/pasted the login/password and server so I could open it in my MT5 software, but it didn’t work.

Any suggestion? Thank you.

I solved the problem by going to Navigator>Accounts>Open an account, and then typing FOREX and then choosing FXTM from the list and then choosing the demo account. Thank you.

Seems you’re new to MTQ platform. Glad you figured it out already and goodluck on your journey.

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I’ve been using it for around 6 months paper trading currencies, but I’m new to crypto trading. Thank you Ayọ.

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Does anyone know a broker that I can add in MT5 that offers Demo account for crypto with small spread and zero commission? The ones I’ve been using have all crazy spreads, and some of them don’t even let you trade. Some of them have crazy commissions for the DEMO account.