Crypto Investors Buy Market Dip, Weekly Inflows Hit Record High

The weekly digital asset fund flows report from CoinShares shows that crypto investors jumped into the market to buy the dip as inflows reached $274 million, which is the highest level since the start of 2022.


A lot of people have been waiting for this dip, as expected. :stuck_out_tongue: I want to wait a bit more before buying some again. :thinking:

It’s still fundamentally strong just need to have patience and see it through

What price are you looking at? :slight_smile:

Yeah, I sure hoped it would at least reach 25k this time, but turned again. hmm… we’ll see.

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BTC seems to be solidifying around the 30k mark interesting to see where it is come the end of the week

If nothing fundamentally changes with any investment then dips are the time that dollar cost averaging really shines

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Now this is exactly why we DCA and you can feel the benefits when we enter the next bull phase

Exactly, dips and recessions is where the money is made.

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It’s bargain basement time for people with equity at hand .
Just got to get a foot on that ladder and keep climbing :ok_hand:

Dips don’t last forever in valid investments. Just have to load up according to your risk profile crucially

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100% agree, like the Nas has had 25% shaved off it recently but it will rebound as we hope crypto will

Of course it will at some stage. Same with the S&P. The idea the stock market could go to 0 is ludicrous shy of a nuclear war and then who cares about stocks!