Crypto Recession

Crypto_Token XPR Stock Price will sky-rock to the moon in the following consecutive mouths, Because Elon Musk will use XPR as a Future payment method for Twitter, SEC Charges Ripples and Two Executive with conducting 1.3$ Billion unregistered Securities Offering.

Good Luck !

Did you mean XRP or really XPR?

I’d say he is far more likely to use Doge.

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Just a crypto recession huh…?

Every time the market starts to go up, something negative happens and the whole thing comes down. This time it’s the FTX, and I guess in the future, it’ll be some stupid decision from Elon Musk that would lead to a downfall of the crypto market.

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I feel like it’s just a matter of time before more drama unwinds and more crypto bad news comes. Bitcoin at $1k here we goooooo

The silver lining, we’re trimming the bad actors. We’re trimming some ego.