Cryptocurrency Market Discussion and Weekly Performance

Like how CCN does it’s recap. Weekly stats, so you can appreciate trends across the top cryptos or entire crypto market all together.

Check this out:

Bitcoin is down 11% this past week
Ethereum is down 31% this past week, putting it at a 12-month low.
The entire coin market cap is down 17% this past week

Wow, down 17% THIS WEEK! Can’t expect many hodlers are left. Are you out there?


I’m out here, but I’m hodling majority cent coins so I’m not worried. I’m not currently trading crypto, but if I was then it might be a good time to start buying lol

How early on did you get in? By chance, last year, or only this year? Me, early last year. Oh, the good ole days!

Hi as long as Bitcoin ethereum below their long term moving averages they are not to be bought. Few long term people are holding Bitcoin but it’s only a matter of time before a whale sells his share and price shoots through the 6k support. Ethereum is below 200 lol. It was a dream and soon people will start waking up. Can be manipulated, only for experienced to trade. For crypto supporters, this is only my opinion if you have the conviction then hold as you please.

This made me think about going into cryptos again. :thinking: Oh well, maybe I could buy some if I’d have some money to spare this week. :slight_smile:

With the drops in ETH, NEO, LSK and XRP it might be a good short term investment to get in and dump as soon as they rise.
Or alternatively - buy low, when they rise - sell to get the initial investment back and then hold. That way no matter what happens you’ll stay profitable.

I got in on btc when it was around 4K, and pulled after it reached close to 20k that one time last year,probably would never do that again though lol I know people that trade crypto, but I want to stick with forex for right now. The other coins like iota, stellar, verge, etc I’m just holding on to. I got those a little bit after the whole bitcoin craze


It is something like Dotcoms - the PUMP is over, but the idea, the technology changed our world.

when you were selling btc at 20k didn’t you think for a second that it could go even more high??

I did, but then I was like “let me check the chart real quick”, and it looked like it was wayyy overbought, and that was at the end of 2017. I thought that maybe at the start of the year, it would fall. My instinct just told me to sell. Also, my mentor at the time was telling me to do the same as well. Soooo many people lost a ton of money with btc last year smh I remember some news articles were saying 1 btc would be worth like 100k :joy:

Well, the last month as been a bit boring with Bitcoin prices. Plenty of positive developments for sure, but not much positive movement on price or volume because of those developments.

Could this be a calm before the storm? Are we out of the crypto winter as we get into the real winter (for us Westerners)?

Here’s a great read about what BTC was been doing over the last month: Bitcoin Volatility Hits Record Low, Calm Before a Major Short-Term Rally? Experts Weigh In

Key points:

  • the volume of Bitcoin dropped from $4.2 billion to $3.2 billion on October 7, by more than 23 percent. Since then, the volume of BTC has recovered substantially, back to $4.2 billion, but it still remains substantially lower than previous weeks.

  • Since August 9, the price of Bitcoin has remained relatively stable in the range between $6,400 and $6,800.

  • On October 6, the cryptocurrency exchange market recorded its lowest daily volume in over 12 months, leading traders to be concerned regarding the short-term trend of the market.

  • In the beginning of October, Bitcoin achieved a 17-month low volatility rate, recording its highest level of stability since mid-2017.

  • $30 billion brokerage giant TD Ameritrade recently backed the launch of ErisX, the first regulated multi-crypto futures market with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin support

All of this is on the back of other reports showing that futures trading of BTC is growing:

  • The CME has revealed that the average daily trading volume (ADV) of Bitcoin futures has increased by 41 percent in Q3 over Q2, while open interest (OI) — or the number of open contracts on Bitcoin futures — has risen by 19 percent in the third quarter.

So perhaps this is a lull before the (short term upside) storm, allowing big money to get in cheap before mooning next year.


I had real hope in Ripple, but it fell 4x times since I invested and it seems that cryptocurrency is not going to come back to it’s hights

Bitcoin is falling hard, any ideas where it may stop?

I’ve been hearing $5500 and all the way down to $4000. My best guess, the whales and manipulators are driving down price to buy back cheap right before the release of the NYSE’s parent company’s Bakkt Exchange BTC futures contracts on Dec 12. Let’s watch the space and see where we are at xmas.

Another 10 billion wiped off the total marketcap in the last few hours


More like bad year. :sweat_smile:

I heard $4500-4800 so in the same range as you. Let’s see. :sweat_smile:


Just woke up and ANOTHER 10 billion is gone from the marketcap

Crossing the massive 6k support is turning out to be fatal

I wonder if flex seal could repair this market?

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BTC is crashing hard, any ideas where it may stop?

yeaaa it definitely fell hard. It might even continue down towards the $3,100 zone