CTrader Public Beta Platform

I have download the Ctrader Public Beta Platform to see if is good enough for me to use it.I have choose 1:500 leverage and I only trade 6 currency pairs ( EURUSD , GBPUSD , AUDUSD , USDJPY , USDCHF , USDCAD) but for some reason the USDCHF pair is extremelly expensive to trade , it looks like there is no leverage whatsoever in this pair , while for exemple if I buy 40.000 volume on EURUSD for only 80 euros , buying 40.000 volume on USDCHF is 1760 euros?When I join a Broker will the USDCHF be this expensive or will be low like the others , and this only happend on the beta public plaform?

I noticed this on the cTrader public Beta too. I assume it is because there is no broker attached to the demo.
Max leverage available will depend on the regulations of where you/your broker is are ie USA or Europe for a start.
I don’t like the space taken up by the “watch list” - what should be a small list of favourite currencies takes up 1/3 of the screen. To me it feels like it needs more “polish” but has a lot of functionality.
What I am beginning to dislike about the cTrader platform is the lock that cAlgo - now owned by Spotware, have on the plug ins. Hit the “download” button on a supposedly free indicator/helper/bot listed on the Spotware site and it installs a bunch of advertising “sample” crap that is not what you asked for. To get what you asked for you have to sign up to calgo only to find that it is so restricted as to be useless. - Don’t mind paying for good sw but object to lies and misrepresentation. Prime example here Configure Your Email, Telegram & SMS Robot for cAlgo forex trading

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is it a good platform to trade news or to use ea ?