Curious 33 yr old female from nor cal me plz & ty! new to forex & the trading world!

My name is Sarah. I’m from Nor Cal (3 hours north of San Francisco) and I am looking for ANY & ALL advice, tips, suggestion’s etc… PRETTY PLEASE HELP A CALI GIRL NEWBIE TO ALL OF THIS!!


How? :slight_smile: what do you need to know ?

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Start your learning by pressing the green education button above. Forex trading is simple, but being profitable consistently isn’t. This free tuition will help you how to go about it properly.


Welcome! youre in the right place for a beginner. Go through the content on the education section then take it from there!

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As the guys above have said, get working through the course and then go through it again. Then make sure you get practicing and ask any specific questions you might have. Someone here is bound to have an answer for you.

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Thanks! Will do!

Hey, you should not worry so much as this is a safe place and there are people who will help you as much as they can. If you are here to look for courses, you will find them under the education section of the website, good luck!

Welcome! STart with the babypips school. I wish you all the best.