Currency Correlation?


I love Market Milk. There is so much rich, useful data in one place - all presented in a really easy to read format. So thank you for the offering - very much appreciated.

I was wondering whether it shows currency correlations. If it does not - may I offer this as a suggestion for a future update? I can imagine choosing a currency pair and then seeing one of your fancy sliders with the other currency pairs bobbing about from +1…0…-1

Anyway, just a thought. Thanks again - best fx dashboard I have come across!


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i like Market Milk too
It is interesting to watch the quote on the market now. Bitcoin has already given rise after the presidential election

That’s a really great idea, I was trying to avoid trading USD today but the pair I was on had a strong correlation

Doesn’t look like they have it (yet?), but I have this thread running that might help you out in the mean time.

What is Market Milk??

It’s the Babypips market analyzer trading tool.

The more information you have about currency correlation, the better your trading journey becomes.

Yes, I love Market Milk too, and thanks for the update here. You have a good idea and you should share it. Keep sharing more knowledgeable content.