Currency Strength Indicator?


I’ve read the book of Anna Coulling, and saw that she uses some type of currency strength indicator. It seems to be a reliable way to watch market for possible breakouts. I found two in my research;

  1. Apollo Currency Strength Meter

  2. Quantum Currency Strength Meter

I would appreciate any insights regarding to reliability of these products or any other alternatives.


Hi Balikforex,

I have been using Currency Strength Meter Indicator for some time. It’s quite basic - but it’s free.

I hope it helps!

I have actually one for myself and will be releasing it soon on mobile platforms (iOS and Android) for free so everyone can benefit from it. :slight_smile: I will post here once it is available.

refreshing on this post, anyone using currency strength indicator in their strategies? is there any free for MetaTrader?

Refreshing this post - I would like to know if there is a currency strength indicator free for MetaTrader?

Hi @pam888, I searched for the same and found some websites that offer free download of currency strength indicators, but you need to follow instructions like click to subscribe. I have not personally used the free version, but you can try them.