Currency Strength Meter

Hi Folks,

In the newsletter of May 18, 2021, it mentions that there’s a new feature called the MarketMilk Currency Strength Meter, but when I click on the MarketMilk tab I don’t see the Currency Strength Meter. Can anyone please direct me to where I can find the Strength Meter? Thanks.

Not sure about that particular one but if you go to your mt4 and market, you will find lots of them there and theyre free too

Hi @izzy153!

First off, thanks for reading our newsletter!

Ok now to this new feature — the Currency Strength Meter is actually still in beta and was accidentally “leaked” on the newsletter! For now, you can consider that as a teaser of what’s to come! :sweat_smile:

I’ll post back here and it’ll be featured again on the newsletter (for real this time) once it’s live!

Thank you so much for asking about it here and sorry for the confusion!!!


Hi Ananais,

Thanks for the update? Any approximate timeline for when it might be ready? Thanks.

Hi Craig,

Thanks for the suggestion.

Should be in the next few weeks!

Thanks for the update.

Here’s a teaser. :grinning:

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Thanks Pippo.

The Currency Strength Meter has been released! :partying_face:

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