Currency strength meter is compromised. !

How so? Also what does this mean! :scream:

Yesterday on currency strength meter EUR was strongest and on Currency momentum section the EUR was bearish.

Oh okay I thought it was sending some sort of virus lol

Well, I guess everything because EUR, despite the fact that it’s related to the major currencies, also have the right to be weakened by various outer situations. Greenback is stable though… At least, I try to monitor the major or cross currency pairs and everything is quite stable.

These days there is a difficult situation with energetic resources in Europe, that’s why eur is getting weaker, however it’s not for a long time. I forecast it will last until the european countries will find another way how to substitute the loss of Russia on their market. BUT, it doesn’t mean that all the connections with Russia are cut. There are some major ones and I guess it will be the last decision to deny the oil from Russia.

Uhh are you in the right thread…