Custom Analysis on myfxbook

I’ve been running some tests on a particular EA for a few months and I’m trying to use the custom analysis at myfxbook to break down the results, but I just don’t understand what the graphs are showing. When I apply the filter the correct trades are shown in the trade history, that’s fine, but the chart, and the percentage profits/growth just looks wrong to me. I can’t work out what it is showing. Maybe I’m using it wrong. I’ll give some examples, can someone offer any advice?

The account has been used to trade a bunch of different things in the past so I need to use the custom filter. I want to look at 4 instruments (gold, djia, brent & EURUSD) with 3 different strategies. Actually it is the same strategy on 3 timeframes (60M, 240M, daily) but my EA has a slightly different magic number per timeframe so I can easily differentiate between the trades (6270060 = 60M, 6270240 = 240M, etc). So there are 12 different types of trades I want to look at.

The myfxbook custom filter allows you to select symbols and magic numbers so I thought that by selecting one instrument, say brent, and then selecting two of the magic numbers (say 60 & 240), I would be able to view analysis of just those trades.

Attached a screen shot showing two charts. The top chart shows the results with the magic numbers for both the 60M and 240M trades for brent. The bottom chart is just the 240 minute trades.

Firstly, on the top chart we can see individual lines for each of the magic numbers, which initially appears ok, and then a 3rd line for just Brent. I would be expecting the two lines (identified with magic numbers 6270060 and 6270240) to show just the result of those trades and then the “Brent” line to be an overall total for all the brent trades. Lord knows what the separate Growth line is?

The current percentages are not visible in the screen shot but I made a note of them:

6270240 -34.66%
6270060 17.33%
Brent 69.95%
Growth 91.32%

So then for the bottom chart I removed the 60M trades, so it only shows the 240M trades. I would firstly expect the 240 line to be identical to the one in the first chart. I would also expect the line for the 240M to be identical to the overall Brent line since there are no other trades, but the chart doesn’t show that.

Further, when I noted the current percentages for the lower chart they were as follows:
6270240 11.04%
Brent 57.62%
Growth 38.79%

I appreciate that a percentage is relative. But on the first chart the 240M trades have a profit of -34%, the exact same trades in the 2nd chart are worth 11% and the overall profit on chart 2 is apparently 38.79%. But these are all exactly the same trades, how can they have 3 different percentages for growth.

So, what exactly are these charts showing, what are the percentages and how are they calculated?

And what is the difference between the value for “Brent” and the value for “Growth”?

Can anyone shed any light on this or point me in the right direction?

I did post a message on the myfxforum forum but it is frankly just full of rubbish…