Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission

Why most of the brokers are regulated by the Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission?

If anyone know the reason then please share here.

can you tell us which ‘most brokers’ specifically?

Here is broker list: Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission

well, it does not include most of the big brokers.
i have seen it before, it is an old list. not much update.

Ok. Do you know the reply of my query?

Because it is easy?

Try to start up a broker in most countries and there are a ton of regulations.

Personally, I dont think it is worth risk of using a Cyprus based broker. What happens if they decide to close down and take your money? What do you think the chances of ever seeing your money again is?

On the other hand, if you stored your money in Cyprus, maybe it is a good choice? Your money does not have to get transferred out of Cyprus. Limits the money trail.