Daily Bias?

Hi, this is my first post on baby pips.

The quick question I have is how do I know what the daily bias is (bearish or bullish). For example, in general the trend may be bullish but the particular day might be bearish. How would I find that out at the start of the day (8am UK time) before the candle has had any significant time to form? Thank you in advance. ( no indicators, price action only).

there are a few ways to do this, pivot points is a popular method, but what I found that works for me is this little watch list I setup on my charting platform. Using the yen as my common denominator I can tell with just a glance what is strong or weak on the day, what you see on this list is just the % change since the market reopen Sunday, this charting platform resets at mid night New York time, so when I look at this at 5 am I will have a good idea of what to trade going into the London/New York session, You still need to look at your charts and know where support and resistance lie and if there are any news do out that will move the market

Thank you for your reply

Here is one I did today, I took a reading at 4:40 am est. We see the CHFJPY and USDJPY had the best bullish bias, then when I got home I took another reading at 3:18 pm est. and we see CHFJPY and USDJPY have made good gains over there morning numbers. Another good thing about this way of trading is not too many traders will be doing this so there is no worry about following the crowd. You never want to follow the crowd

I did another one of these today and you can see a nice gain in the AUDJPY and GBPJPY, as the strongest move from early this morning continued through the London/NY session