Daily forex Trading

Hello all I am going to start presenting some of my trading ideas here. Feel free to follow me
$GBPUSD After the big FED cut yesterday the question in all the dealing rooms today is who is next? We bet on the BOE so build shorts as long as we are above 1.280 and add if we break below

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I have the same sell bias also, but price is just ranging right now. I’m looking for a break out to the downside before thinking about entering into any trades

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True lets watch how this eventually is going to manifest…I just added to shorts here 1.2850

$GBPUSD There is a massive window that I dont find a reason why shouldnt be filled,

  1. Brexit uncertainties still hanging and will be for a long time
  2. Coronavirus still has no major impact in the UK
  3. really no other reason for BOE to hike for a long period of time on the contrary there is scope and extra pressure to cut rates soon

so with all that in mind we see a tremendous shorting opportunity in the cable with 2-3 months time frame to manifest

Getting beaten up here…lets see, ready to add more at 1.3

After one week cable collapsed to 1.14…thats why u need to combine techs with common sense thinking and analysis…