Daily Signals For EURUSD 30% Profit Each Month

My bad forex1 you are right!

When my phone goes vrrrrmmm I post new trade :slight_smile:

Ok new signal. Sell eurjpy at 10 PM GMT. 100 pip TP and 55 pip SL. :slight_smile:

Trade #1 Fibre 11.00gmt Oct 6th sell at 3570 - currently b/e… (was +25pips)

Trade #2 Aud/usd buy at 9430 20.00gmt - currently at b/e … (was +50 pips)

Samir are both your trades currently not at b/e?

Eurusd is a few pips in profit right now and audusd is several pips too. When I checked earlier today was when it was 1.5% profit :slight_smile: they are still looking good.

Good stuff, that’s the problem with ‘blind’ signals - often they don’t make sense.

I can understand the Aussie buy, but I would not be happy with a sell on the fibre - but there you go, horses for courses as they say.

Good luck with your journey :slight_smile:

True true. I think the new eurjpy sell will hedge the eurusd buy a bit. Since both have 2:1 reward risk then we can lose one and win the other and still be ahead.

Anyone understands this? Buy at particular hour? Did anyone heard about this strategy?

i missed this trade. what is the profit?

Should be around 60 pips loss…

Ok New trade from friend. Buy usdcad at 6 PM GMT with 50 pip TP and 25 pip SL :slight_smile: lets keep making money guys!

you got to be kidding right? It’s big usd news at that time…

You can’t make money without volatility. It’s ok, he know what he doing :slight_smile:

Friend said SELL SELL SELL usdjpy at 4 PM GMT . 100 pip TP and 50 pip SL. This very good opportunity to make big money. I put a lot on this trade.

This coming up in 15 minutes! Don’t miss.

Still valid now?

Yes… It’s a few pips in profit already but you can still enter

Mine showing negative.

98.08 was short entry for me

whats the success rate of these signals so far?