Daily Signals For EURUSD 30% Profit Each Month

Welcome my dears!

I have good news for everyone here including myself. I am a new trader to this market but I may have a friend who has been trading successfully for many years. He has been slow to helping me but has decided to help by giving free trading signals to me if I also publish them for everyone else to profit from them too. It is a very kind deed and I hope everyone will follow along with me as we make much wealth from this and live very well. Only one condition he asked and that was I do not share his methods. I do not even know his methods so I say sorry in advance if you want to know but hopefully we take advantage of these signals and make money while we continue learning to trade our ways.

My friend only trade one currrency each day. Somedays will be different currencies then others. He will tell me which trade in a few hours so hope you stay tune!

Okay fellow traders! We shall be making our first trade at 11 PM (GMT).

We shall be selling eurusd with a TP of 100 and SL of 50 as soon as the clock strikes 11 PM. The reward is twice as big as the risk to ensure our wins will be bigger then our losses.

Did I miss the fun?

I am in Samir…

ill give it a try as well.

Welcome fellow traders :slight_smile:

My friend give me the trade for today. At 8 PM GMT we will be buying audusd for 80 pip TP and 40 pip SL. Enter this trade as soon as 8 PM GMT is struck :slight_smile:

Everyone is well I hope!

What was yoy prize Samir? I mean at what prize you got in the trade? Anybody else goy in the trade?

I am up 1.5% so far. Trades still open. Friend give me new signal in a few hours he said :slight_smile:

Can you say at what prize you bought in the future please?

I dont understand, how can you be in profit 1,5% if the prize is now where it was yesterday when you bought at 8gmt??
Am i missing something??

Friend gives WHEN to buy. He say to “buy at 11 PM GMT” so we do that regardless of price. He uses timing to determine trade entry. He gives me a couple hours before the trade for me to post the signal so everyone has time to see it and make trade when time comes. He don’t know what price will be when the time to make trade is, he just know what direction it goes after that time :slight_smile:

Yes but fot the previous trade the time for buy was 8gmt. And now the prize is where it was yesterday at that time. It does not make sense.

There have been two trades :slight_smile: not just one. Also my result may be different because my position sizes may be different then yours. Friend said not to say position sizes because the US regulators don’t allow to do that because of laws and such. So management money is you have to decide on your own.

Makes no sense how you got profit. The aud/usd trade is at the same price I bought it yday at the time u told me to buy.

I wasnt asking about money management. So tell me which trade is still good for buy?

So for the next trade buy at 11 gmt?

My profit also includes the first signal on eurusd. You are only looking at audusd trade.

Forex1 you didnt close at 50 pips profit?

I don’t know when or what next signal will be. I have not been told yet. He let me know in a few hours :slight_smile:

Sorry my friend but EURUSD is at exactly the same prize like it was yesterday when you bought.

Next time give us your prize when you bought and there will be NO confusion anymore.

[QUOTE=“letterB;547596”]Forex1 you didnt close at 50 pips profit?[/QUOTE]

He said to put 80 tp so I did and went to sleep. Wish I woulda put 40 tp instead.