Daily Trading Toolbox

Can someone dirct me to where i sign up to receive the “Daily Trading Toolbox”?

What do you mean by a daily trading box ? What do you wanted to be in the daily trading box ? Pivot levels, Fibonacci levels ? News ? I think all these thing you can find here on babypips.

Daily Trading Toolbox is the title of a daily email I receive from babypips. However I changed email addresses and now cannot locate where to sign up for this same daily email. Hopefully someone can help.

same problem with me, did you find how to receive daily mail?

Sorry for the delay.Someone other than BabyPips handles the Tool Box and i kept bugging BabyPips until it finally started showing up in my new email box…no explanation. Sorry can’t be of more help.

Would be nice if you can share the web site or a link…Thank you…