Daily USD-EUR-GBP trading

I was gonna create topic named 10 to 1000 dollars in 1 month.
I changed my mind. Follow this thread and maybe you will open that topic yourself.
I will write my personal analyzes and expectations without any data.

GBPUSD is 1.3040 now.
i closed my shorts but fall could go 20-30 pips more at least.

shorted again GBPUSD from 1.30481

20-30 pips downward move happened after both posts.

This thread is about scalping. If i dont mention price level it is about very short term. Otherwise short term.

Oooh. :open_mouth: This is an interesting thread! :blush: I just wonder how long you’ve been trading? :smiley: And how do you usually formulate your analyses? :thinking:

others in the thread are free to talk. but i will keep it simple. will only share some expectations.
I use both technical and fundamental analysis.

GBPUSD is 1.28725 now. some up move from here

1.29400-129500 level seems good for shorting

1.29600-129700 level is also possible before starting to fall

GBP did moved from 1.29454 to 1.29242.
previous 2 posts are still valid for monday volatility

gbpusd is 1.2978 now. shorting from 1.29800

5 good posts and no feedback. probably obvious numbers from 10 to 1000 would be more interesting.

EURUSD is 1.18350.
1.18425 seems good for shorting

shorted eurusd from 1.17525

need to add stop loss at 1.17600

i deposited 10 dollars today. i will inform you here in every major stop until $1000.
if i reach $1000 i will open another topic and will show the road from 10 to 1000.

@biggar, people like posts with pictures :slight_smile:


i prefer to keep it simple.

i learn better through visual aid so yup, couldn’t agree more

shorting GBPUSD from 1.29135 for 10-20pips