Daily USD-EUR-GBP trading

I was gonna create topic named 10 to 1000 dollars in 1 month.
I changed my mind. Follow this thread and maybe you will open that topic yourself.
I will write my personal analyzes and expectations without any data.

GBPUSD is 1.3040 now.
i closed my shorts but fall could go 20-30 pips more at least.

shorted again GBPUSD from 1.30481

20-30 pips downward move happened after both posts.

This thread is about scalping. If i dont mention price level it is about very short term. Otherwise short term.

Oooh. :open_mouth: This is an interesting thread! :blush: I just wonder how long you’ve been trading? :smiley: And how do you usually formulate your analyses? :thinking:

others in the thread are free to talk. but i will keep it simple. will only share some expectations.
I use both technical and fundamental analysis.

GBPUSD is 1.28725 now. some up move from here

1.29400-129500 level seems good for shorting

1.29600-129700 level is also possible before starting to fall

GBP did moved from 1.29454 to 1.29242.
previous 2 posts are still valid for monday volatility

gbpusd is 1.2978 now. shorting from 1.29800

5 good posts and no feedback. probably obvious numbers from 10 to 1000 would be more interesting.

EURUSD is 1.18350.
1.18425 seems good for shorting