DailyFX New Dynamic Calendar FAQ

We have just launched a new dynamically updated economic calendar. Take a minute to read our Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions to make sure you know how to get the most value out of the product. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at research@dailyfx.com

[B]Calendar Top 10 Questions [/B]
[B]1) I only see the Briefing Calendar, What happened?[/B]
You are bookmarking an old page, please change your bookmark to http://www.dailyfx.com/calendar/
[B]2) How Can I get Eastern Time?[/B]
If you click on the words “EDT” next to Current Time on top, the entire calendar will switch to Eastern Time. Click back on GMT and it will switch back
[B]3) Where Can I find the Excel File?[/B]
If you click on Printer Friendly Version, you can now get an unformatted version of the excel file, if you want Eastern Time, click on the EDT button on top, then click on the Printer Friendly Version > that will output an eastern time calendar
[B]4) How Can I print the Calendar?[/B]
Right now, you can print it directly from the excel file, by the end of the week, we should have a formatted printer friendly version
[B]5) How Can I get the Previous Calendar with the Actual Figures?[/B]
To the right of the Current Time, there is the “Previous Week” button. Click on that and you will get the previous week with all of the actual numbers
[B]6) How Quickly is the Economic Data Updated?[/B]
It is updated seconds after the number is released, on a 24 hour basis. You may need to do a hard refresh to get the number (CTRL+F5). Revisions to prior data are denoted as ®. Detailed comments on key releases written by DailyFX staff come no more than 10 min after the data. Not long afterwards we will post articles that contain more details.
[B]7) When is the Next Week’s Calendar Published?[/B]
Next Week’s Calendar is created by 3pm ET on Friday, but does not roll into the main calendar page until midnight Sunday morning (the Sat/Sun switchoff) > Traders can get the Next Week calendar before that by clicking on “Next Week” in the upper left.
[B]8) What Happened to Bolding the Important Releases?
[/B]We now have 3 levels of importance for economic releases. Even though they are no longer bolded, you can filter by importance and by currency pair.
[B]9) There are so Many Releases, I have to Scroll Down Very Far to Get What I Want.[/B]
If you just want today’s releases, click on “Today” on the top and you will get a much shorter version of the calendar.
[B]10) Will you be Bringing Back the PDF Version?
[/B]We are looking into creating a pdf version, in the meantime, please use the excel file to print.
[B]Additional Calendar Features:[/B]

  1. If you click on Central Bank Calendar >> We have all of the Central Bank meeting dates and times for the remainder of the year
  2. Definitions are provided for nearly all of the economic data as well as links to original sources