Dailypipsfx.com a Scam

I’m investigating for my tesis. Through friends, I found one person scammed by dailypipsfx dot com
The strategy started as a 5 times return investment, in less than a week.
Process grew and got complicated. Based on documents, it seems this company takes advantage of anonimity and distance.
Researching the website, it is registered on the Companies House.
Allegedly dificulties with Blockchain accout manager, problems with the Blockchain-dot-com system that has not been corrected properly.
After 6 months from initial, investment still stuck and they refuse to deliver.
What’s your experience?

Hi @Qualli and welcome to Babypips forum.

The first line of due diligence. You have said, from their website “it is registered on the Companies House”. See clip attached. There is no instance of registration of that company as named. Go to the CH link and change the spelling of the company. Alternatively, just inform CH of the URL of the alleged business (a partial address in Australia is given on their website) and tell them it is a fraudulent claim.

It is my understanding that a company registered at Companies House must have a UK address to which correspondence can be served.

Hi, @Mondeoman, and thank you for your input.
The register at Companies House is shown in the section About of the site dailypipsfx dot com.
In fact, the company is registered with a different name: PIPS CONSULTING SERVICES LIMITED, and the company number is 11197083.
As you very well mention, the address registered at CH does not correspond to the address on the website.

Also, looking on CH website, on the filling history section of the company, on December 21st, 2021 they applied to strike the company off the register.

Just for a laugh, and because it is the holiday, I opened a session with the chatbot on their website and asked them to provide their Companies House registration number and UK address for receiving correspondence. To be fair, that was in the middle of the night but I did not see a response for 4 hours so shut down the session. I would have been more surprised to see a response. After all, if they operate out of Australia, it would have been their Monday back at work for the new year.

Anyway, there are a large number of new members who do tend to believe much more than they should as they read about opportunities on the internet. Your topic should be valuable for other newcomers. Thanks for posting it.

It could well be that the name you found registered on CH has no association whatsoever with the one advertised the website. I have been using CH for over 20 years - my wife and I run a small business in Dubai, and we check suppliers credentials often before committing to any business - even for quotations.

Let’s be careful out there.
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