Daniel from New Zealand, trying to become a successful algo trader

Hi all,

My name is Daniel, I live in New Zealand, after I immigrated from the Netherlands.

I have no experience with Forex trading directly, but I regularly convert my hard earned EUR to NZD, which – as you all know – is no picnic at the moment.

I am a software engineer with experience with cryptography, neural networks and genetic algorithms and have used my knowledge successfully to predict supermarket specials.

I would like to use this experience to by developing an algo trading system, not that I believe in ‘build-once, get rich while you sleep’ systems. No pain, no gain …

So I thought I’d start here … learn a thing or two about Forex trading before I start coding =)

Feel free to contact me any time!

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Hi Daniel,

I’m from Hamilton, I am completing honours degree in accounting and applied finance this year and have been studying technical analysis for years.
I would very much like to chat with you in regards to putting our heads together on something along the lines of which you have mentioned.
Please let me know.

best regards

i’m steven,

i’m from wherever, i have a degree in something, and i enjoy long walks on the beach.
my favorite color is blue, and i’m looking for a SWF, no kids, likes to be active and eat healthy.

WTF is this a f’n dating site??? why do some people put up their CV on here as an intro? half of the time i want to say “we don’t care” or “it doesn’t matter”. and yet, here i post… in any case, nobody’s education or background or interests matter in trading - and oddly the more educated one is, the harder it is to trade because one has to attempt to think like and follow a few million muppets who skipped breakfast or had too much coffee.

Normally I don’t respond to trolls, and yet, here I reply … this is the ‘Introduce Yourself’ forum, is it not?

SoL has a habit of trolling babypips. Normal people, on the otherhand, appreciate this sort of background info as it puts the user’s posts in context if they ever need to check.

Anyway, welcome to babypips windal. :slight_smile:

nah, SoL just finds it odd how some people post really odd info on bp.com
i poke around on bp.com to find interesting new things, but have been coming up short so i find i need to lower my expectations :stuck_out_tongue:

sure, ok, welcome to bp.com
now go pick a broker, go live, and learn to trade

Why are you so mad?