Data Feeds and charting software

Just starting out and looking for a good and cheap data feed for Forex and maybe Indeces, and charting software that runs with it.
Any suggestions most welcome.:confused:

If you look on the Tools tab at the top of this page, there is a Forex Broker Comparison section… I’d check that out. First narrow it down to a broker that fits your requirements, and then visit their website. Nearly all forex brokers now offer “demo” accounts, which are virtual accounts where you can trade for real, but without risking real money. It still uses live feeds and everything. I’d check that out. Personally I found Interbank FX and their MT4 platform quite good for a beginner (I just started demo trading in February.) FXDD was quite good as well. Those were the only two I tried. Just be aware that trading for the week doesn’t open until 6 pm EST tonight, so if you are getting a bunch of errors if you open an account this afternoon and it isn’t letting you place trades, that’s why.

Thanks for that Yarcofin.
I have a trading account with IG index who are pretty good and a fantasy account with Tradeindex who are not so good.
I was looking for a stand alone, something separate to the brokers info.
Thanks again!