DAX Scalper Bot Meta 4......Very Profitable

Dear All,
I have developed excellent scalping bot for Mt4 and Dax30 index.
Dax30 has been chosen for its unrivalled volatility with low dealing costs.

About the System:
It is based on 1min chart using a scalping based indicator with MA filter, means always dealing in side of trend.
Take profit is 5 points, Stop loss is 18 points. Win rate is approx 80%. There is a reversal component that will exit sometimes before -18 point loss, so not always the case of a full loss.
System using a recovery, that recover last loss trade. Or, you can use non-recovery , its up to you.
Normally volume is around 5-6 trades a day. It only trades from 9am-4pm CET, no overnight holding.

I have released an unlimited demo account version for all who want to try it as long as they want. I will suggest brokers that offers good conditions on DAX. Many broker offer DAX but high margin requirement (like 20:1), so do your homework. Also, you need good tight spread, 2 points spread is no good.

Personally, thinkmarkets was the best choice as DAX is fixed at 0.7 without commission and offer leverage 200:1 on this instrument. Axitrader spread is good at 0.65, but leverage only 25:1. Icmarkets, 1 point spread and 100:1. The margins of winning and losing is fine line in trading and a spread difference from 1.0 to 0.7 is highly significant with 5 point TP. EA will run on small accounts, only €50 margin needed to open €10k contract.

Unlike other scalpers, a loss wont blow an account, many famous scalpers in past, using 1-2 pips take profit and 40pips stop loss, curve will look good for a while but eventually cliff edge. Seen this already with best scalper and many, many others asia scalpers.

Yes, this EA has inverse risk/reward, but have to consider that DAX instrument is very spikey and this works tremendously to EA favour, giving extremely high win rate.

Here is a video of the EA running this morning give you an idea of the logic:you tube DOT COM/watch?v=vzFUjj6f3I4

Performance here;search myfxbook for dax30bot
As I not allowed to put links in posts I can not share the download link, so send me message, i think its the only way to transfer the files.

broker admiral markets added.
now trading it on 3 indices (dax,dow, nas)

i’m interested - pl give more info