Day trading Secrets

Lets try everyone as a team to reveal all secrets from Day trading.


Its been a while since i wasted my time on forums about trading :rofl: :rofl:.
So I will be the first to reveal all I know about day trading. By the way I want all of you out there who trade daily also to reveal everything he knows.
Before i will start , I must say something about me.
-I am retarded young male,26 years old.
-At age of 23 i decided to understand markets,not only Forex,but all of them,so i decided to watch charts for few years,it was a terrible time,no friends,refused to spend time with my girlfriend,no job,no salary,each day just conflicts with my mother and watching charts. Terrible time…

So,first comes first.

-When you trade using MT4 or MT5 ,you dont open real market order,you just trade inside the broker company. Metatrader doesnt provide ur trade to go to real market.
-Brokers who use MT4 or MT5 they will never provide you all the information you need about market. All they provide to you is just charts,with no info at all.
-In order to trade profitable you need more information than just charts.Information as; Depth of Market or DOM and you must see all trades that are at moment that you watch charts. This info you can get from other platforsm ,such as ; ATAS for exemple.

-And the reason why you need this type of infi when you day trade,is because PRICE ALWAYS MOVE AGAINST MAJORITY. Thats the only way a market can exist. You MUST,watch and learn and see when majority is LONG or SHORT. If you dont believe me,watch for a year,as i did ,and you will see -When majorit went UP ,for exemple,you will see a HUGE sell limit order,and that order is from HIM. Majority bought from HIM,He is SHORT,he will open a Huge limit order and wont let price move higher,of course because of that price will drop,then starts second phase.

  1. First phase was for HIM to open SELL and BUY huge limit orders,thats how consolidations start,price doesnt go higher or lower,because of HIS limit orders.
    2.Second phase is;when everyone opened positions inside that consolidation,there will always be inbalance,more people will be LONG,or more will be SHORT,that is hapening because majority went for exemple 80 percent LONG,HE sold to those people.After HE will drop pricce,there will ALWAYS ,ALWAYS be another consolidation,reason is because for HIM to get profit and for majority to lose,there must be done second part of trade.Exemple;if majority went LONG,He went SHORT,price falls,another consolidation-and in this consolidation majority exist from market will A LOSS.When majority quit that losing trade,he also exit from his trades,with profit of course,HE took that profit from majority who closed loss trades.
    -When you BUY,your stop loss,is nothing more that A SELL LIMIT ORDER.
    -When you SELL,your stop loss os BUY LIMIT ORDER.

During one trading day,there are ONLY 5 scenarios HOW PRICE WILL MOVE,WHOLE DAY.
HE cant invent another scenarios,or another methods,HE have only 5.
And those 5 are;

1.First. Consolidation whole day,it is happening because of 2 reasons;1.low liquidity 2.HE have a huge order to be filled,so he needs more people to open trades,thats why price is in consolidation whole day.

2.Second; Price falls whole day. Reason is because at first consolidation from the morning everyone went buy,and after price falls on each small consolidation that accurs after they still join buy,thats why price keeps falling down whole day

3.Third. Vice versa

4.Because in the morning there is no liquidity ,no opened trades from majority,he will take off his buy limir and sell limit order,and HE will move price higher or lower to make you join market,to make you open trades.Then,when majority will start opening trades,he will simply move price against it. For ex;no liquidity,HE moves price lower,people start to open trades of SELL,you will see a small consolidation,because people started to open trades,after of course HE moves it against everyone,On chart it looks like that;

5.Fifth and last scenario. Vice vers from 4th.

BY the way there is no point in changing time frames to higher,because its all about HIM and majority :wink: :wink:


Thanks for sharing the information. I have recently started to day trade. I have been looking for some relevant information that can help me build my own day trading strategy.

This is one good post. I am thanking you to clarify about market liquidity and all other information that we need to do day trading. Market liquidity is one of the most important factors, which usually traders find out by currency pairs’ past/recent past movements. By using the info you have shared, it would make day traders’ life easier.

tomorow ill try to explain a little bit. I am sorry ,i forgot about this forum,my bad. :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:

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may i know what indicator is this your using… thank u much appriciated

it is not indicator,its candle itself with DOM near it. When you trade using one broker’s platform you cant see whats inside candle,i mean all trades that took place during that specific period of time. But you can use different platforms ,other than brokers provide to see all the data inside any candle you need,even. I am using ATAS platform,and all of those plaforms charge a fee to use, there are alot of those plaforms to see live data in market.

Guys check this out,check those idiots from youtube who wants to sell you courses or signals :rofl: :rofl:

20k turn into 2 million,12k turn into 5 million,holly â– â– â– â–  AHAHAHAHAH :laughing: :laughing:

Can one be retarded at the age of 26? Dude you have a long way to go and more experience and skills to acquire.

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Ahahahahah admins from this forum deleted my post again :joy: :joy:

Exactly as i said yesterday :wink:

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gbp/usd aud/cad aud/usd same â– â– â– â–  on all three charts :wink: :wink:

Enjoy guys,before admins delete my posts

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Everyone knows that day trading is a kind of trading activity which isn’t recommended for newbies and traders who haven’t got any special game plan, because it can be dangerous for their money. Actuallly, I guess that firstly you have to choose and understand the niche which you have chosen. Then it would be better if you master emotions control because someday your emotional instability can become an evil enemy for you. Moreover, you should never focus on money, you have to understand that it mustn’t be the goal of your life. Remember to comply life/trade balance, sometimes day traders become outsiders because they spend their days in front of the monitor which can cause serious consequences.

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Hi guys. It’s been a while…

Today’s charts.

Hi and thanks for your reply.
I am sorry but everything you said its not true. I have spent 4 years staying in front of my pc to understand this market and how market makers manipulate with price.

If you want to develope a skill you must spend alot of time doing it. Thousands of hours and only then it will work nice. And this is not only about markets but about every skill in life.
once again thanks for your reply

Trading is and is not simple at the same time. What’s not simple about it is the accumulation of knowledge you need in order to properly see what’s happening in the market. Once however you have acquired the necessary knowledge to make rational decisions, You must then learn To conquer your emotions surrounding losing money. Because this will happen you will lose money. And I know that everyone says this but the fact of the matter is you can make money trading breaks from support and resistance by following the trends. However most people cannot practice good response agement and manage their emotions surrounding trading.

For the charts with no labels, what are we looking at? :slight_smile:

Every trader has their own secrets and the best ones will never be disclosed. The best secrets will be kept a secret. So, the main secrets are not secrets at all: you’ve got to learn and update your knowledge all the time and acquire the skills which are necessary for successful trading like psychological consistency.


Day traders pay extra attention to two things, trade risk and daily risk.

Do not take risk control for granted and make sure that each time you trade, you can handle multiple losses in a row.

that is not true.

that is the pure definition of a bucketshop.

you are suggesting that every metatrader broker across the board is a bucketshop.

you is not correct.

Forex day trading is a popular strategy that focuses on buying and selling currency pairs within the same trading day. It is a short-term trading strategy where traders place a number of trades per day and close them by the end of the trading day, with no overnight positions.

Day traders tend to make use of price fluctuations of currency pairs​ with high liquidity, which can provide plenty of profitable opportunities. Day trading targets the currency pairs that are highly liquid and volatile.

Forex day trading is popular mainly among retail forex traders. It’s believed to be a quick way to make profits. Forex day trading suits traders who have enough time to monitor, execute, analyze prices and track their trades​ throughout the day.

Since forex day trading involves reacting to short-term price fluctuations, it requires discipline, focus, control, and the ability to stick to a clear trading strategy.

Tips for Successful Forex Day trading

  • Setting your risk tolerance level is critical. Your appetite for risk will impact your trading decisions greatly, and it is a leading factor in finding a proper trading strategy. Follow clear risk management rules.
  • Develop a trading plan and stick to it no matter what happens.
  • Short term trading strategies usually entail a great risk exposure due to the high number of trades. Consider testing your new strategies in a risk-free demo account before applying them to your live trading.
  • Since you’ll have to make multiple decisions in a considerably short time, your decisions should be based on technical or fundamental analysis.
  • Do not overlook key factors such as volatility and liquidity when choosing your trading tool.
  • Choose a reliable broker with an advanced trading platform to ensure instant execution of your trades.