Daylight Savings Time, Do You Hate It? Do you have a Solution

For most of us, it is that time of year when we move our clocks forward and lose an hour of sleep, polls show most people hate it, and the reason we keep doing it is unclear.

Here is my solution, let’s make Sunrise the same time every morning. How you ask, simple, most of us tell time by our phones and our phones update to the time change automatically anyway, why not have our phones increase or decrease the approximate 2 min each morning to keep the sun rising at seemingly the same time, on the flip side, the sun will set earlier as we near winter and later as we near summer giving us a natural longer summer day.

That is my crazy idea, let’s hear yours


As I live in Thailand, the closer I get to London opening time the better. So I would welcome a two hour daylight saving.

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We(wifey and I) prefer standard time as we prefer the light in the morning, not the evening.

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My understanding is that it was implemented to increase working hours during daylight during the winter.

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Agree with your understanding. It was for farmers who got up early to work and so it wasn’t so dark in the mornings. Of course, it was implemented when we had a lot more farmers, I believe.

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Clearly, it is outdated,



Again Washington has it backward, We want standard time, not Daylight Savings, These people are clueless

I agree with you Dennis. I think I read, however, that the Senate has passed this bill for a couple years now and the House has voted it down.

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WHAT. Why daylight and not standard!!! :expressionless:

Also that would be the day if this passes. I know so many people who hate it but I feel like this is one of those things that will never change.

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That part I do not understand either. The standard time seems far more natural.

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Prefer the daylight saving as I wake up with the slightest hint of light so I can sleep on a bit , I know I’m a lazy sod lol

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My preference is standard time with an earlier sunrise, this way my granddaughter is not walking to the school bus stop in the dark

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You could get heavier curtains. It’s what I did. :smiley:

That or a really good eye mask. That’s what I have!

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I have never worn an eye-mask, personally. I can’t imagine doing that, to be honest, it wouldn’t be comfortable. I just put the blanket over my head and sleep in a cocoon.

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When you’re desperate for darkness, you’ll do anything lol.

That’s true. I do the blanket thing though for warmth too - I’m always a little cold when I sleep for some reason.

I’ve read that’s actually the optimal condition for sleeping. I think 60 or 65F. So yes that’s considered very chilly for me haha.

That is a little too chilly even for me, I prefer the ambient temperature to be around 66.2F when I sleep. When I am awake too, for that matter.

Ideally, (for me at least) the temp everywhere is 75F hahaha

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To each their own. We have have some comfortable ambient temperature, I think.