Daytrading or Position Trading?

Which is better? I’d like to see which one is preferred. Pros and cons. That kind of thing. I just wanted to get your opinions and thoughts. I usually do position trading but am considering trying some day trading as well. Thanks in advance for your help!

I like to position trade myself. I personally don’t like sitting in front of a computer for 5 hours straight just to pull in a few pips at a time. I only look at charts maybe twice a day and do research a couple of times a week. That’s all and so far it’s working out pretty well for me :slight_smile:

I used to daytrade but it was very stressful. I like position trading now because it’s less time I have to spend on the charts. Your stops are bigger but your profits are also bigger. Plus you don’t have to constantly trade. You could make one good trade and be done for the month :slight_smile: