Dealbook360 lot size change

does anyone know how to cahange to a smaller lot size on dealbook. I am not using real cash now but when I start, i dont want to blow it:D :smiley:


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Talk to your GFT specialist. He will be able to chnage your lot size. Live tech support might be able to do this as well


Yeah, it has to be changed from their end if you are going from standard lots to mini lots. Just phone them, give your details and they change it in 3 seconds.

If you are merely changing the lots within the standard lot setting then click as follows :

File > configure > parameters
click the “Trades” tab then tick the “preset lots per account” box as well as setting the number of lots you want.
Then click “save”.

Thats it.

Regards, Tymen Wortel, Perth, Western Australia.