Dealing with spammers, hidden marketers. Member perspective

Thank you Pipstradamus, for your helpful action and for your mature appreciation of what’s been happening.

Your words not mine.

Just don’t amuse these guys bro, call them out for what they are.

You should have nothing to prove to me, I certainly have nothing to prove to you.

Like you trading, post analysis work is easy a bro. Tell it like it is, you got suxed in,simple as that, nothing to be ashamed off

Pot calling the kettle black.[quote=“tommor, post:29, topic:129496”]
As a starter, why don’t you look back over your recent posts and find out what constructive help you might have given out?

I did, and I check yours and TWB, reckon we are all on par. But I can do something you can’t, actively share and demonstrate live my technics. Sweet sweet music.

As usual Bob, your full of it… I have shared strategies quite a number of times in the forum… Remember this thread Bob… and it’s techniques…

…a live and ongoing strategy displayed in a thread, only to be shouted down by you and the rest of your no clue sarcasm crew… Tom is sick of it… I’m sick of it…

You’ll be more profitable making less noise…

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FFS _bob, I ask you in a reasonable way not to comment on my comments and you come right back with a point by point commentary on my comments. We have no basis for further communication.

Just read this thread so have no knowledge of the deleted/edited posts and no interest in argument.

What struck me was the above thinking.

Some years ago I posted about the limitations of an indicator based on past price of an instrument attempting to suggest future price of that same instrument - in today’s market, where algorithms often dictate price direction, is it not possible to think a little differently?

Supposing that this last few days on Eur/Usd - selling USD has been the trend for some time, so anything to give the algos some food, anything positive on Eur would fit the bill.

Gbp is as strong as Eur lately, for various reasons, so when Eur/Gbp price was rumbling along 8810 in the first half of this week, and the German (Euro) political talks were at a height - was there any indicator of possible direction.

Hey, I’m in America, I have zero interest in Eur/Gbp, what about Eur/Usd, where the money is.

No problem;

Great stuff, but what about the UK guys, they have been selling GBP, double top etc - it even broke last week’s low on Thursday morning, ideal place to set more sells: