Dealing with spammers, hidden marketers. Member perspective


My intentions was good from the beginning but some people don’t like good intentions

I started this topic to show my strategy and discuss it, waiting for someone to ask a question, instead for the questions to show up , the [removed for Forums Policy violation] starts, that’s this is a marketing topic, so I removed it

the topic was about an indicator for EURISD that do not use any of EURUSD data, all its data gathered from the others pairs, for me 44 pairs, screenshot is below

if there some people intrested , lets start over [removed for Forums Policy violation]

I like an approach that evaluates features of interest on a chart, but why is it so complicated Samih? I would be apprehensive that increasing supposed accuracy doesn’t in fact lead to a more probable outcome.

I mean surely if its something you wanted a number value for a zone of interest you could just use ATR?

Or just look at the chart from the other side of the room?

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A separate formula for each pair? And not using data from the pair itself? Wow, this is novel and complicated.

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@Samih Marketer, @avatar.1982 sock puppet.

@tommor, shame shame shame, you should have recognized a marketing thread when you seen one.

It’s a shame the robot elders are blind to the obvious and have let this thread run.


You regularly tell me what to do on this forum _bob. Just pack it up.


I don’t think that was telling you what to do.

It was only highlighting another rather strange coincidence, so typical of covert selling, in which one person joins BP advertisng a new method, followed one hour later by another new member joining to say how good it looks and where can I get it from - which, of course, is followed by the OP suggesting that people should PM him.

Of course no one knows for sure - but a typical situation to be aware of? don’t you agree?


Not the case at all bro. Notice how quick the OP has cleaned up his posts. Here and on other threads. Notice how the sock puppet has disappeared.

If it quacks like a duck yadda yadda. You just got suxed in.

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Do you think I didn’t realise this was likely to be another BS thread? Couldn’t you pick up anything from my posts to Samih? Do you think I need some BS complicated calculation to tell me where clusters are. Give me some credit at least.

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Just have a look at what I said to Manxx. You seem to have to keep proving to me how smart you are. Give it a rest.

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These guys are unbelievable… the f’ thought police… you answered the OP… your total right on a forum and in they come…

No actual content about the topic… just telling everyone what to do. Unreal…

I notice the OP has deleted his posts… jaw flapping so called experts are scaring new posters away… guilty to proven innocent, we’ll never know… as Tom says… Give it a rest…


To be honest, no I didn’t pick up anything like that from your posts. But then such apparent integrated intellectual sarcasm rarely does get through to either of my brain cells.

I was more concerned with the nature of the OP’s intents than anyone else’s. Bob does have his own way of expressing things, I admit…but that is why we like him (and anyway, with 47+ degs temps in australia at the moment, we do have to try and understand… or what Bob? Hope you are not too sunburnt! :smiley: )

But, @tommor glad to hear that you were indeed of the same suspicious opinion of this offering. That is, afterall, the main point here, I think?

…errrr and you are somehow doing something different with your post here?

Got better things to do. The risk has been highlighted, that is all that is important here, the rest of you can pick the bones clean and analyse each other as long as you like! :smiley:

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Manxx, you’re too modest.

I’m English, maybe you are. But if not, FYI when you’re dealing with an English person and they use words like “Wow” and “novel” to describe something, this is VERY VERY negative. Especially when its concerning a self-proclaimed “complicated” idea that comes out of the blue from some unknown muggins on his first visit to a website that’s notorious for nurturing such garbage.

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Cheers for this.

I find trading forums useful for commenting on trading, not so much for commenting on comments


Well, yes that is indeed one usage of these expressions, and I do appreciate that. But the problem with forums, as with any written communication, I guess, is that voice intonation that helps communicate the implied meaning is totally absent. Just like body language with a telephone conversation - besides, what percentage of visitors here are actually native English speakers? Maybe we know our pecularities (and linguistic superiority ha ha :slight_smile: ) but it can be wasted in international environments!

Only kidding!

But, seriously, the main thing here was a general concern about another possible scam appearing that has all the normal hallmarks of such - and it is good to know that someone like you also suspected as much! :slight_smile: But I think the main “thorn” here is not the OP’s offer, but the nature of Bob’s response to you. Can’t says I disagree with you on that one, but he does effectively draw attention to his views and he doesn’t easily get overlooked in the crowds! :smiley: :smiley:

@tommor, I make no apologies for calling a spade a spade.

But I can’t seem to remember what it is I forgot. Maybe that on an internet forum none of our “opinions” count for jack.

Dude, as long as it is not Custer’s strategy. Bahahahahaha

The Ever Historical VIPER

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I don’t care what you call Samih.

But its not the first time you’ve put up a post that suggests I’m an idiot.

Me and Samih were having a conversation, nothing at all to do with you. Not even if you were a Moderator (which maybe you think you are).

If you wanted to comment on his trades or strategies, that’d be fine with me. But it was as obvious as a sore thumb from his first sentence he was not a genuine private retail trader wishing to share some hard-won knowledge amongst his fellows. Just give some other folks credit for being as smart as you in realising that and leave me a little space to deal with it as I wish, not as you wish I would. So please don’t comment on my comments, its a waste of space and shows your intellect and courtesy in a poor light.

If you use this forum it must be because you want to talk about trading. Great. Let’s do that.

As a starter, why don’t you look back over your recent posts and find out what constructive help you might have given out? No doubt it would stand re-posting. Let’s talk trading.


Hey folks,

We’ve determined two of the members in this discussion to be sock puppets, so they have been removed. Nice one, spotting them, @_bob. Also, I don’t want to completely remove this discussion as it’s highlights how members approach a situation in different ways, while both attempting to do the same thing - rid the Forums of hidden marketing agendas, scammers, and the like. It also serves to point out that members might have their own way of wanting to deal with a situation, whether that be probing for more information to get a more accurate picture of what’s being discussed or offered (potentially highlighting holes in a member’s argument or logic), or by simply calling someone’s comments out and looking for a rebuttal.

Each method has its merits. I’d just like to stress that we keep the discussions civil and respectful, and our comments constructive and on topic.

Happy Trading


Thank you, Pipstradamus, for stating this. It is very encouraging to hear that responsible self-policing is valued here.

Perhaps it is worth emphasising that the issue here was a possible scam, which is always a more serious and potentially dangerous threat to vulnerable newbies that frequent this site.

But this does not give licence for the level of aggressive personal comments that do appear to have generally increased lately. Well, that is (only) my opinion anyway! :clown_face:

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