Decent Forex Books

Does anyone have any recommendations on books?

‘trading in the zone’ in order to get your mind right, but in my opinion no trading books will help you unless you’re on the charts practicing,

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I came across this topic when I was also looking for good trading books.

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The life of Paris

By Paris Hilton

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Come on man. If you type ‘forex books’ and search on this site you’ll find many previous threads which have discussed this. Sorry to be harsh but If you’re going to be this lazy then theres no way you’ll succeed in trading.

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Decent list here. Was going to recommend the same thread.

Thanks for your comment ‘Rickster’. I was simply asking if anyone had any recommendations from previous reading

Yeah those threads cover that. People usually only recommend books they’ve read not what they think.

Trading in the Zone was the first (and only :sweat_smile:) trading book I purchased. :smiley: Would recommend! :slight_smile: But just like what justshell said, it’d be best to practice alongside reading. :blush:

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The forex books by anna coulling are a good place to start. They are all on amazon


This seems to me a good choice of the best books:

Better start using local course of pipsology, can you really ? Why do you need that books they will not write it better than it is anyway. I do not even see how it can really be happening anyway. IF it’s not full - watch some youtube videos for that.