Decent Forex Price Action Trading Course

I am curious if anyone is actively participating in an price action trading school. I am have been In the Forex School Online for a few years now. The problem with Forex School Online is it has dried up. It is rare to get a response from the main coach. There are question being unanswered for 20 days in the forums. I was looking for a active community. A few I had in mind are forex4noobs andlearntotradethemarket. Is there any active members here in Baby Pips that are part of a trading school?


Actually BabyPips is the best platform for forex learning. I use to participate in all the training courses that I need from here. The problem is you facing in forex school online is the common problem of the online learning courses. Which is not happened in BabyPips. Also I can see what others are responding here. But I don’t know anything about the community forex4noobs and learntotradethemarke you are saying about.

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What is Forex School Online? Is it any paid course on PA strategy? Or anything else?

Hi! :slight_smile:

Just like Luke, I’m very curious as to what a Forex School Online is. Is it similar to BabyPips’ School of Pipsology? Do you have to pay for that? And, if you don’t mind, what is your current Forex School Online?

I am pretty new to trading and I’m trying to gather as much information as possible so please be patient with all the questions. Haha. :smiley: Thank you!

I see, there have so many PA courses are right now in online! But I have enough doubt about their usefulness; because, I also see so many negative reviews on their service and so many unsatisfactory clients!

Ya the course was the work on Johnathan Fox. I was introduced to his program here at Baby pips probably 4 years ago.

Baby Pips seems like a awesome site. There is lots of information here which can be over whelming. There is literally 100 if different system to choose. I liked the Forex School Online because it was a bunch of like minded traders all trading the same strategy. We use to bounce trading ideas off of each other. We could then weigh the pros and cons of a particulate trade.

There are various online trading courses available in the market. What you are pointing about responses from the main coach, it may happen that he is extremely busy or he may want that you take the decision of your own by analyzing all the facts. Whatever the reason may be what happened to you is not good. You can go through the online courses available in BabyPips forum and most of the members here are taking the advantages of these courses.

I see, you mentioned in your thread, the main mentor is not active enough in his community! Really, it’s a big problem! By the way, I have no idea about this kind of paid community!

Hmm. Maybe I’d learn those once I’m trying out my demo account! :slight_smile: But, the BabyPips school has been suuuuper helpful so far so I might as well finish it! :slight_smile: I think it’s been really great for a beginner like me who had absolutely no clue about this industry. Hahahaha :sweat_smile:

Adam Grimes’ course is decent, and free.

It’s not specifically a forex course, just a trading course (but that isn’t relevant).

Google will find it for you.