DeFi, DEX, NFT and gaming all in one - DeFi Kingdoms

I have been participating in this “game” since 19Nov21 and laddered in big time from an initial $125 punt.
The adoption is accelerating. I found participation in this “game” very helpful in gaining experience in three areas of crypto currencies I struggled to understand. Now I am ready to observe, then participate in other similar projects. The headline rate of interest is currently 750% APY, but you need to understand “impermanent loss” to be able to perform a proper reward / risk assessment.

In addition, these (the game Heroes) are the only NFTs that I “understand” the utility of, having earned 18% on their value in the last 19 days.

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DeFi Kingdoms isn’t quite as well known as the likes of Decentraland just yet, but it has gained huge traction over the last month.

DeFi Kingdoms labels itself as a game, DEX, and a liquidity pool!

It lets you collect NFTs, level up, and use them for quests to earn its JEWEL token.

Because it leverages Uniswap via Harmony ONE, you can also do various tricks with JEWEL to provide liquidity and earn extra yield—as is standard practice in DeFi, but not so common in NFTs (yet).

JEWEL is up over 1,000% since launch, which gives the game a market cap of $1.4 billion.

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What’s been the total interest since Nov 19? :open_mouth:

Because of your experience, I took a look. Still making my way around the world. Very interesting indeed!

Until last night and the predictable correction, it had done a 2X.

I’m looking to have a go at Town Star myself. Think the play to earn concept is a bit of fun and might make me something.