Demo account with no spreads

Stabilized zero spreads do not seem promising to me. It is possible once in a while but an average spread would be higher than that.

Don’t get into too many technicalities with demo accounts. Not much difference there! Focus more on bettering your skills.

yea, i think you’re getting too much into demo account. No need to read so much into it. Just practice your strategies, see what seems to work best for you, and further try to improve your skills on it. Then when you’re ready, just choose a 0 spreads broker to open your live account with.

when I was using Acttrader with Fxview, I too had my concerns with getting my money back but took a deep breath and relied on regulatory bodies that authorized them in different regions.
It’s common for all to only use demo account for the fear of losing real money. Why not use low leverage as demos in my estimation can only help in minor indications.
In FBS trader, I used the real time price charts but never on a demo account.
I might be wrong here, as we do fall short on judgements when we know we are not trading for real.
More than 90% of our decisions are sluggish.

ya even I have a divided opinion on this one. I do tend to think that it’s better to practice small capital investments on real accounts than large sums of trade on demo accounts. With real money come real emotions, and these emotions are what get the better of most traders.

bad advice, I must say.
Are you high? If not, please explain what this means:
when I was using Acttrader with Fxview, I too had my concerns with getting my money back but took a deep breath and relied on regulatory bodies that authorized them in different regions.

i am all in senses pal.
This was something I was doing in parallel when such thoughts of losing money in scams were as common as cooking steak in an oven. It wasn’t just the Acttrader platform but the trust factor on EAs. I know that it’s an unbiased statement to call them legit or not legit.
I feared the situation of being broke after losing and shouting the names, be it FBS, Fxview or XTB……and nothing. Sort of mental stuff going inside. Where I know I should feel a bit secure being with a multi regulated broker. This is completely subjective what I am saying and simply speaking my unprocessed thoughts.
All I am sure about is best judgments can be made with personal experiences only.

I mean no offense here. Just trying to be concrete on what you said.

But it is always better to have the demo account exactly as the live account , so that you would have an idea about the trading conditions. There is no point of practicing without the spreads.

I suppose 0 spread accounts also do not give no spreads consistently.

I don’t think you’ll find what you are looking for, and also what is the point of practising trading if you do not consider the spreads, because they makeup your profit & loss…

My thought was that I would only trade when the spreads are 0, but I guess perhaps that’s not a possibility.

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I was thinking the same. Why would someone want to trade with zero spreads?

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I don’t know what’s on your mind with this but I’ve never heard of anything like this. The entire thing depends upon liquidity and for someone to provide a stable spread be it 0 is uncommon. I mean you won’t get to zero with a live account so why worry about a demo.

Yes, it is very much possible to have a live account and a demo account with the same broker. I have both with Fxview and no, the spreads are definitely low, as per the pair. Pepperstone and Fp markets are also in the low spread category, if you ask me.

You shouldn’t focus so much on a demo account. Just practice until you get the hang of it and move on to a live account. Simple as that.

I don’t like demo accounts. They are a waste of time and I don’t even get the logic. It’s fine if they work for newbies but they’re just not for me. I also keep testing different brokers. Good luck.

I just use Etoro for managing micro accounts and Fxview for my ECN account. The demos are also good with these and the spreads are tight. I don’t know about zero spreads on all pairs.

It is definitely hard to find but you can trade when the spreads are tight and leave when they are wide.

The more the demo accounts are similar to real accounts, the better it is. I use my demo account as nothing short of a journal. Every time i trade, I keep a record of my reasons for entering a trade at that time. Also keep note of analytical aspects of the time. This helps me immensely in identifying where my strategy is lacking and where I can tweak it further for better results. Rather than doing this with actual money, I prefer doing it with paper currency. But I believe this whole process will be futile if the demo accounts are all fancy stuff like no spreads, because in reality I really don’t think that is the case.