Demo Account

Hi all. Was recommended by a friend to download a demo account from ibfx. Apparently, my laptop (or anti-virus software) has a problem downloading the software. Any other recommendation where I can download another? Would really like to start trying out forex… Thanks!

Most brokers advise that you might have to disable your antivirus in order to download their platform. If you suspect that your antivirus might be blocking the download, why not disable it for a few seconds while you try the download again?

If you really want to go with IBFX, why are you contemplating a switch to some other broker?

Today is Saturday. The market is closed, all over the world, which means that you can’t trade (even in demo) until Sunday afternoon (at the earliest) — even if you succeed in getting a platform downloaded and installed today.

So, if disabling your antivirus doesn’t solve the problem, why not wait until Monday morning, and contact IBFX for some help?

I run FXCM through several anti virus apps. No problems encountered either downloading or running their platform from behind a firewall. Not a plug for FXCM, just a fact. Hope it helps.