Demo Account

Hello everyone,

I need few advices where it would good to open demo account for a while to get used, and then a live one.

So I need few advices on which site would it be best to start for future as well, to get used to forex.
What are some of the best brokers.

When I would start I would start little money take that into consideration.

And what are realistic chances to make some money out of it, not millions but 1k per month with starting $250 - $500.

What are the odds I could pull that out after some time of practicing and studying.
I’ve had some experience with trading although not with forex and I know quite a bit already but started getting really into it…


Check out

I’d suggest learning forex with a game account and save up more money to start.

Also go thru the school on this website, it’s very helpful.

One of the most important things I look forward in a broker is “are they based in my country?” I live in the USA and I do not want to open an account in Egypt, because I have no leagle recourse there. Also with such a small amounnt you want a micro account. I tryed a mini account with only $300 and lost it all in 2 weeks. If it were a micro account I would have turned my loss into a profit and have a million dollars by now. lol