Demo accounts not working

Hi, I’m new here. I tried to open about 4 demo accounts with different brokers, and when I login none of the values of any currency pairs change. It’s as if it’s frozen. Then I found out that 3 of the brokers provided a MetaTrader4 version of the demo account. So after signing up for them and downloading MetaTrader, the values are still frozen. Am I doing something stupid?

Have you logged in on mt4 platform with the details your broker has provided you ?

I have. For the web version of IG, only the cryptos seem to change in value, the rest doesn’t move. For MetaTrader the whole thing look frozen.

Market is closed on weekends don’t forget ?

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Oh, I was under the impression forex market is 24/7 everyday. Now I feel dumb. Thank you very much for the help.

No it starts at 10.00 pm GMT on Sunday to 10.00 pm GMT Friday

My advise is dont trade right at the open on Sunday wait a few hours first untill Australia’s open and Tokyo then its 24 hour a day untill Friday night then maybe think of closing trades over the weekend…!

Thank you for the advice, I will keep it in mind when I trade for real. Currently not too far away from finishing Babypips’ course, and decided to take a break by opening a demo account. I will most likely trade on a demo account for a long time before putting any money into it.

Yes use the demo to develop a strategy of some kind and learn how the software and market orders work etc. It won’t take that long to learn.

Some broker need to register a real trading account first to use their demo account.

I don’t know of a legit broker that requires a live account in order to test on demo.
I mean there shouldn’t be any need for that.
A demo account is meant for traders to test, learn and see what’s what then eventually to decide to invest real money in a live account with that broker.
A live account shouldn’t be required. If that is the case - I’d stay away from such a broker.

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Thank you for all the replies. There wasn’t any problems, except I didn’t know that the market closes.

Keeping in mind the serious nature of trading, get yourself a good trading platform.

Yes definitely. I’m planning to read through everything recommended, and spend time on a demo account to pratice what I have learnt. Also I’m going to be using MetaTrader 4.

I have not seen any condition like it. I think the thread starter should open new demo accounts and properly save the login details. Some broker’s demo account expires after two weeks of inactivity.

Komachi, I love this reply!

Easy to assume forex trading is 24/7, there are thousands of broker etc. web pages which talk about the 24/7 forex market. Anyway, the place to get confused is a demo account.

Good luck!

Happy to hear that as a new baby you have started your journey with the utilization of demo trading account. Hope your problem has been solved. However, as a senior I want to suggest that side by side your demo account practice you should also take the help from Babypips education school.

I have already finished babypip’s course. The only regret is not applying it on a demo account while reading through it. Currently I am reading understanding price action by Bob Volman, and trying to apply the patterns I’ve learnt on my demo account so I have hands on experience.

I can relate to this. I did a second round of the School when I started trading in demo.

Can I make demo even it’s sunday? coz I can’t logged in. I tried many times and still no connection.