Demo Mode of MT4 just stopped?

Any ideas why?
Is there a time limit for Demo mode?

Was working just fine. I installed on 6th of this month…and it was running fine until a hour ago. I did a system restore point (Vista), rebooted…same problem.

I checked firewall…and it is allowed?

(apologies in advance for posting here)

LOL…you’ve just fallen victim of the market closure…it will work fine again Sunday late afternoon when the markets re-open…have a nice weekend off.


OMG!! If you could see my face :o

Don’t feel BAD the exact same thing happened to me when I first started. I still remember the frustration of them turning off them pretty candles and the embarrassment when I had to be told why they turned 'em off. I even sent my broker an angry email. LOL.

Yeah I was like that at first, I was like OMGOMGOMG where the hell did it all go, but yeah it’ll be back Sunday, enjoy some well deserved rest.