Demo Trading Account

I’m not sure it would be for me.

I want to do my practice where I’m going to do my live trading later, so I can learn all about the broker and its policies as well as the platform (but from what I’ve heard I think I want to avoid Metatrader anyway, so don’t take too much notice of me!)

I think almost all of them don’t have an expiration period.
I genuinely hear such a thing for the very first time. All the forex brokers I know about, even the most credible and famous, allow traders to use a demo account as long as you wish.
It’s really weird for me.

not all of the broker can support that. keeping data that’s also costs for a broker. oanda has no problems with demo.

Yeah, I remember when I began trading, I started by opening a demo account with fxview and pepperstone to get hands-on. Faced challenges like understanding spreads and market fluctuations. Recognized it, and worked on it. There is nothing like they have charged me for anything I practiced over demo as long as I wanted.