Demo v Live response time and execution

Is there much difference between how quickly and accurately trades are executed in a live environment vs demo. I am using the downloaded version of Trader Pro with My concern is that the demo environment may not accurately reflect the live environment. I.E. is not actually being in there mixing it up with the other sharks misleading.

I find the platform very accommodating to my strategy and I’m break even or better recently. Ignoring the psychological, mental and emotional differences which are my problem, can I expect that what I will get the same feel and performance live.

Best way to look at it is the demo are just training wheels to get the idea correct and once you understand the basics use a live account at the lowest level possible to start with , this will help with the mindset and also show real time without risking mass amounts

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Demo trading is the best way to practise. However once you get comfy with it and get a good idea of trading, one should switch to live account side by side too for a practical experience coz demo trading differs from real acc trading.

Thank you.

Other than the emotional? Do the spreads stay as tight? The demo account doesn’t miss. it executes where I wand, when I want.

It is apprecated

demo should be a real reflection of the live. the only thing it cant account for is slippage but spreads and leverage etc should be the same.

Thank you, it is what I was inclined to believe. Your input is appreciated