Demo vs live trading

Hello folks want to ask u what was ur first real money experience after demo trading?


there is no difference between live and demo , but we can see lots of difference when see the result, its all about psychology.

Of course there is differences between live and demo. On Demo you will always get the trade. Not always true on live accounts.

As you wrote psychology also will change Demo vs Live trading

What about mkt slippage+commisions? What about algos that want to buy in front of u?

This is actually a very popular question! :sweat_smile: If you have time to spare, here’s an extremely long thread about this topic:

I also saw this one recently on instagram:

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so u trading live or demo?

On demo you can run ‘tick scalping’ strategies to get a fill when there is a price spike that can only last for one tick (price change). On a demo account the price is filled instantly not on live accounts.

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what platform do u using?

If you ask me then I do not trade demo and do not “tick scalp” :smiley:

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I trade live but only with a small amount :slight_smile:

small is good only step by step)

There obviously is a big difference between demo and live, however if the individual notices a difference is subjective. The only difference i felt was my results were actually tangible, irrespective of the positive or negative outcome.

When i decided to invest in forex i was advised to trade in demo before joining live, the experince in demo was good but live trading was not similar, it just gave me the knowledge on how live trading works.

Demo is intended for practicing trade, we must not forget that we learn through practice. Through demo account, we learn about real account and through the knowledge gained on demo trading we make real money through live account.

Took me weeks before I made money - $1300 on a live account. On demo it was instant.

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The demo account only allows a trader to get an idea of trading through practice before starting with live trading. The traders who are experienced and can very well calculate their risks can then move forward with live trading.

thats right patron!

Going live is the lesson in psychology that demo can’t prepare you for. I personally elected to go live with a balance I could afford to lose but looked after it like it was 10-100x that amount. Needed some fear but the safety net of it not being a death knell if I blew the account. Fortunately, gambling isn’t my thing so I am naturally very particular about trades and need to train myself to take risks.